Friday, May 21, 2010

The heat is on.

Temperature 89 degrees wind like 0 mph. and humidity off the chart. Not great conditions but I went fishing with a friend today and we caught several fish to 4 lbs. and lost many that seemed larger. We saw 2 large gators and both seemed to be stalking us. We had a good time.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Still there (Monday morning)

Well the weather has changed some but it is still windy. I didn't know if the fish would still be in by the boat ramp or not. The middle pic is a fish caught less than 50 feet from the launch while people were launching. All of these fish were caught on pop-r's and they came from ambush points. The wind was probably 15 to 20 mph. from the south, southwest, driving the plankton (which the bait fish feed on) directly into the cove that Monterrey park boat launch is in. The wind is gusting to30mph. according to the weatherman that I am watching. Well the wife is still in Houston so I am thinking of going fishing.Guess I will. See ya!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

"Big" problems!

I went out at 5:30 PM this evening. The weather had been bad all day. I decided to check out some repair work I had done this afternoon. After fishing with a  pop- r for 2 1/2  hours I had caught 3 fish about this size and 2 a bit smaller. I never left the boat launch area while I fished. I took this fish back to the boat launch after I took this picture and released it. I was happy to see it swim away as if nothing had happened to it. Oh, the boat worked fine, the trouble was that only big fish were biting. I will be out in the morning.